Employees Volunteer to Stamp Out Hunger

Employees Volunteer to Stamp Out Hunger

SoCalGas CEO Scott Drury Joined By 100 SoCalGas Volunteers to Address Food Insecurity

SoCalGas is committed to investing in the communities in our service areas through purposeful acts of charitable giving, partnerships, and volunteerism. As part of this commitment, one hundred SoCalGas employees volunteered at a Stamp Out Hunger event in the City of Bell on Friday, June 2, with SoCalGas’ CEO Scott Drury, the non-profit Labor Community Services, and local elected official from the City of Bell.  


Volunteers gathered at the Labor Community Services’ warehouse to sort and pack food items that were donated as part of this year’s Stamp Out Hunger initiative. The SoCalGas team sorted 74,000 pounds of food and packed over 37 pallets. The donations will be distributed to food banks across Los Angeles County and feed approximately 2,846 families.  


“When I think about our ASPIRE 2045 commitment, it is certainly around the opportunity to decarbonize our infrastructure and lead in energy innovation, but it is also an opportunity to lead into the communities we serve. The work we are doing today is directly aligned with that. The culture of our company and the authentic desire to give back and make the communities that we serve better is a differentiator for us and it makes me so proud to be here with all of you,” said SoCalGas Chief Executive Officer Scott Drury, at the event.


In addition to supporting the Stamp Out Hunger initiative with volunteers, SoCalGas also donated $25,000 to Labor Community Services which will aid families facing food insecurity.  


At Friday’s event, team SoCalGas was also joined by the Executive Director of Labor Community Services, Armando Olivas, and City of Bell’s Mayor Monica Arroyo.  


“The fight against food insecurity in our communities is one that we can win together, and we’re thankful to SoCalGas and their staff for their help and support. Their assistance will make an important impact in the effort to serve our families in need,” said Armando Olivas, Executive Director of Labor Community Services.  


In Southern California, Stamp Out Hunger is conducted through the National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC), and various Labor Councils of the American Federation of Labor, Congress, and Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO), including the Los Angeles County Federation.  


According to the NALC, more than 34 million people, including 9 million children, experience food insecurity and rely on food donations. These carriers, who go into neighborhoods in every town throughout the country six days a week, have always been involved when their communities need them. This is why 31 years ago the NALC started their initiative Stamp Out Hunger.  


In addition to SoCalGas’ participation in Stamp Out Hunger, earlier this year, we committed to donating $4 million to 61 local charities throughout our 12-county service area through our Fueling Our Communities initiative, which will fund local nonprofits’ programs to provide free meals and groceries to low-income individuals. This donation will empower the communities we serve by providing hundreds of thousands of free and fresh meals, and alleviating hunger and hardship across Southern California.