“Ways to Save” Digital Tool Wins “Global Power and Energy Elites 2022 Award”

“Ways to Save” Digital Tool Wins “Global Power and Energy Elites 2022 Award”

Ways to Save is designed to help customers manage energy usage and save money

SoCalGas’ innovative Ways to Save digital tools was recently recognized with  the “Global Power and Energy Elites 2022 Award.” The digital tools are designed to help customers save on energy costs. The industry award, which fell under the Data & Analytics category, recognizes and celebrates innovative projects. 

SoCalGas launched its Ways to Save digital tools in 2020 to help our customers manage their energy usage and save money. The tools allow you to analyze monthly, daily and even hourly energy usage. They also include a survey tool that allows customers to create a profile for their home and get customized tips on how to manage and reduce consumption. Ways To Save even has resources for rebates, incentives and other programs that can benefit customers.

Ways to Save digital tools

This award showcases innovative projects that collect, handle, analyze, share, protect and optimize data that lead to improvements in actionable intelligence and data-decision making. "The Ways to Save solution is focused on strengthening SoCalGas’ touchpoints with customers by leveraging its personalization engine to provide them with useful and tailored information to help them manage their bills,” the publication noted.

“We’re proud that our tools have been recognized as an innovative way for us to help our customers live and work with ease and confidence and feel valued every step of their journey with SoCalGas,” said Senior Vice President and Chief Customer Officer Gillian Wright. “But more importantly, we pride ourselves in providing our customers with a robust toolset to give them the power to monitor and manage their energy usage and the ability to save money.”

In addition to our Ways to Save tools, we’ve put together a handy list of energy- and money-saving tips that you can find here.

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