Mover Services Program Marks 'One Million Customer' Milestone

Mover Services Program Marks 'One Million Customer' Milestone

Program helps make customers' moving experience smoother

SoCalGas recently celebrated a milestone of assisting one million customers with their moving needs through its Mover Services Program. The company launched the program in 2012 with the objective of enhancing the moving experience for customers requesting to start or transfer their gas service. In June 2016 the company celebrated a milestone of assisting half-a-million customers and just recently, hit a new milestone of one million. 

After customers are finished setting up natural gas service by phone, SoCalGas’ customer service representatives offer the Mover Services Program for a “one stop shop” experience that helps customers select and schedule home services such as Internet, satellite or cable television, telephone, and home security.  The program also offers a retail savings program (such as Overstock and Home Depot coupons). Once a customer agrees to the additional services, SoCalGas transfers their call to its partner AllConnect for set-up. 

“I’m proud of the partnership we have established with AllConnect,” said Bernie Sides, director of SoCalGas’ customer contact centers. “Our customers have experienced great hardship over the past year, so it is especially important that our team provides our customers with all the support they need.” 

“This achievement speaks to the strength of our partnership with SoCalGas,” said Kim Shumway, executive vice president at AllConnect. “We are pleased to provide the SoCalGas customers with such a beneficial service that has helped so many.”

As a majority of SoCalGas’ customer service representatives are currently working from home, the team plans to celebrate this milestone virtually in the upcoming weeks. 

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