Gas Assistance Fund Offers a One-Time Grant to Customers in Need

Gas Assistance Fund Offers a One-Time Grant to Customers in Need

Qualifying applicants may receive up to $100

We understand that many of our customers are receiving unexpectedly high SoCalGas bills this winter. The Gas Assistance Fund (GAF) may be able to help. The GAF provides qualifying customers with a one-time grant for the amount of the gas bill, not to exceed $100.00. 

GAF is a joint effort between SoCalGas and United Way of Greater Los Angeles, working with non-profit organizations throughout our service territory to administer the program. To apply for GAF assistance, please contact the non-profit organization in your area. Funding is allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

To qualify for the GAF, the applicant must meet the following requirements: 
•    The natural gas bill must be in the name of the applicant requesting assistance.
•    The billing address must be the applicant’s primary residence.
•    The applicant must not apply for more than the maximum GAF allowance for the current program year.
•    The applicant must meet the income guidelines listed here

For those wondering why natural gas bills are so high this winter? The main reason is the commodity price of natural gas is nearly double what it was a year ago.  SoCalGas does not make money off the commodity price of natural gas – our customers pay the same price we pay. Non-CARE residential customer may potentially see their January 2022 gas bill (using average January usage of 68 therms) increase by about $32 or 32% compared to January 2021 gas bill (using the same 68 therms).  Of the $32 bill increase, about $30 of the increase is attributable to the increase of the commodity cost of gas.

SoCalGas is fully committed to supporting and assisting our customers – we offer a range of resources and programs including energy-saving tools, assistance programs, tips, and services to help our customers with their energy usage and bill payment.