SoCalGas to Add 200 Renewable Natural Gas Trucks to Service Fleet with Help from Landi Renzo USA

SoCalGas to Add 200 Renewable Natural Gas Trucks to Service Fleet with Help from Landi Renzo USA

Nearly half of the utility’s fleet will run on clean fuel once conversions are complete

We are taking another step toward transitioning our over-the-road- fleet to run on clean fuels thanks to another collaboration with Landi Renzo USA.  Over the next four months, Landi Renzo will convert SoCalGas’ 200 new Ford F-250 service pickup trucks to run on renewable natural gas (RNG). Last year the two companies also partnered to convert 200 service trucks to RNG-powered units. With this year’s partnership, SoCalGas’ fleet will reduce an additional 2,000 metric tons of CO2 equivalent (CO2e) with roughly 44 percent of SoCalGas’ service vehicles running on clean fuels.  

“The City of Torrance is proud to have high-tech forward-thinking businesses such as Landi Renzo call Torrance home,” said Torrance Mayor George K. Chen. “In line with the City’s strategic plan element of Stewardship of the Environment, Torrance proudly supports the efforts of the Landi Renzo and SoCalGas partnership to reduce emissions and move towards a sustainable future for not only our city, but our region, and the world.”

“Our longstanding partnership with Landi Renzo USA is one of many initiatives that will help SoCalGas reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the transportation sector and help reach our net-zero goal,” said Sandra Hrna, vice president of supply chain and operations support at SoCalGas. “The new clean energy technologies provided by Landi Renzo are innovative and have always delivered great results which will help decarbonize the transportation sector.”

RNG is a renewable form of energy produced through the capture of methane emissions from organic waste materials from wastewater treatment plants, landfills, and other sources. Capturing the methane from these waste sources and converting it into RNG helps greenhouse gas emissions with high global warming potential from entering the atmosphere and reduces the use of fossil fuels. 

Employing a clean fleet is a key part of SoCalGas’ sustainability goal to achieve net zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in its operations and delivery of energy by 2045. SoCalGas’ clean fleet goals include a 100% zero-emission over-the-road fleet by 2035. Learn more at