SoCalGas Donates $40,000 to LA Fire & Police Foundations at Safety Summit

SoCalGas Donates $40,000 to LA Fire & Police Foundations at Safety Summit

Funds will help purchase of new helicopter and large-scale disaster response

SoCalGas presented $40,000 in donations to the Los Angeles Police and Fire department foundations this Monday. The Los Angeles Police Foundation (LAPF) $20,000 donation will support the LAPD’s Emergency Services Division to purchase equipment in its response to wildfires and other large-scale disasters. Another $20,000 donation to the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) Foundation will help support the purchase of a new light-duty helicopter. The check was presented by SoCalGas’ Director of Community Relations, Trisha Muse, during a first responder gas safety workshop hosted at SoCalGas’ Van Nuys facility and attended by more than 40 first responders. Since 2011, SoCalGas has donated more than $420,000 in support of Los Angeles’ first responders.

“June is National Safety month and a perfect time to come together to plan, train, and advance our common mission to protect public safety,” said Cedric Williams, Chief Safety Officer at SoCalGas. “Keeping our communities safe starts with preparedness and these donations will go a long way toward helping the LA fire and police foundations prepare their members to assist Angelenos during emergencies.”

“The donation from SoCalGas will enable LAPD’s Emergency Services Division to purchase critically needed equipment for our Major Incident Response Team to establish an Incident Command Post in order to coordinate the Department’s response to wildfires and other large-scale disasters. This enables our officers to maintain situational awareness during hyperdynamic times. We are grateful for the support from the community,” said Captain Brian Morrison, Commanding Officer with the Los Angeles Police Department’s Emergency Services Division.

“The LAFD appreciates the commitment and ongoing support SoCalGas extends to our firefighters. Their generosity has helped fund vital community programs and secure essential tools and equipment,” expressed Chief Charles Combs, Commander of the Los Angeles Fire Department’s Air Operations. “This donation will help our LAFD Foundation secure a new light-duty helicopter—a much-needed asset in the fight to save lives and protect communities during wildfires and other emergencies."


Pictured - Top, L-R, holding the check: LAFD Chief Charles Combs, SoCalGas Director of Community Relations Trisha Muse, Los Angeles Police Foundation Executive Director Dana Katz, and SoCalGas Emergency Management Supervisor Ashely Trotter.

Bottom, L-R: SoCalGas Public Affairs Manager Ben Steinberger, Juan Avalos, Ashley Trotter, Trisha Muse, LAPD Captain Brian Morrison, Daniel Najera and LAPD Officer.