New Sustainability Strategy Advances Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance Initiatives

New Sustainability Strategy Advances Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance Initiatives

The strategy builds upon SoCalGas’ March 2021 climate goals and outlines five sustainability focus areas

SoCalGas’ new ASPIRE 2045 SoCalGas Sustainability Strategy broadens our goals and benchmarks to include environmental health, social equity, and wellbeing in the communities we serve. 

With this new strategy, SoCalGas will take tangible steps towards a carbon neutral future, invest $50 million over five years into communities we serve and work to advance racial and gender diversity in our workplace. Our new strategy aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and California’s climate objectives. 

It builds on our March 2021 goal to achieve net zero emissions in our operations and the energy we deliver by 2045 by identifying five sustainability focus areas: 

•    Accelerating the transition of clean energy 
•    Protecting the climate and improving local air quality
•    Increasing clean energy access and affordability 
•    Advancing a diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture 
•    Achieving world-class safety

Each focus area has an overarching goal with specific strategies that we can measure to provide transparency on our progress. Some examples:

•    Investing $50 million in the diverse communities we serve, including education and workforce investments over the next five years
•    Taking actions to lead the utility industry in racial and ethnic diversity representation in leadership roles by 2025
•    Taking actions to grow representation of women in leadership roles and overall workforce by 2025

“Our sustainability strategy puts our environmental, social, and governance goals into action and is built on our core values of doing the right thing, championing people, and shaping the future. This will be an evolving strategy that we intend to build upon and use to hold ourselves accountable,” said Jawaad Malik, SoCalGas vice president of strategy and sustainability and chief environmental officer. “At SoCalGas, we are committed to a collective, collaborative transition to a more sustainable energy future and this strategy will help guide us on our path to achieve that goal.”

You can read the ASPIRE 2045 Sustainability Strategy here: