How Can We Help? SoCalGas, The Laundry Truck LA and St. Francis Center Help Their Community with Laundry and Pantry Services

How Can We Help? SoCalGas, The Laundry Truck LA and St. Francis Center Help Their Community with Laundry and Pantry Services

Volunteers assist with folding clothes and creating pantry boxes for seniors

Last week, SoCalGas joined The Laundry Truck LA and St. Francis Center as part of the continued partnership to provide necessary services and goods for families and individuals within the St. Francis community. We believe clean clothing is an essential part of healthy hygiene and can help improve overall self-esteem.

 “TLTLA continues to create impactful changes for many families and individuals throughout Los Angeles, providing not only clean clothing, but comfort and dignity to those in need,” said Trisha Muse, director of community relations at SoCalGas. “We are proud to support TLTLA and similar programs that can help create positive change within our communities.”

In the last year, SoCalGas has provided $30,000 to TLTLA to fund the cost of providing free mobile laundry services for individuals and families residing at the St. Francis Center. At the latest event, volunteers from SoCalGas and TLTLA joined together to fold laundry and assemble and distribute pantry program boxes to seniors. 

“Our goal is to help provide clean clothes to those in need – we believe clean clothing is essential towards healthy hygiene and self-esteem, which can help improve future opportunities,” said Jodie Dolan, founder and owner of the DOLAN, a sustainable fashion brand, and TLTLA. “We are so thankful for SoCalGas’ help in making this a reality for guests of the St. Francis Center, and we hope to continue driving change, one load at a time!”

Our donation in the past year allowed for over 2,000 lbs. of laundry for over 150 guests per week. Additionally, the grant provided new electrical installations to help provide laundry access to an additional 40 families within the St. Francis Center community every week. SoCalGas has proudly supported TLTLA in its mission for the last three years, donating over $55,000 total to help the organization provide free laundry services throughout Los Angeles.

This collaboration is part of the company's ASPIRE 2045 sustainability goals, which include a commitment to invest $50 million over the next 5 years to drive positive change in diverse and underserved communities. Last year, SoCalGas contributed $9.6 million in total community investment, with $4.8 million supporting health & human services, and $2.3 million supporting education causes.