SoCalGas Highlights Future of Hydrogen at 2023 Advanced Clean Transportation Expo

SoCalGas Highlights Future of Hydrogen at 2023 Advanced Clean Transportation Expo

Research, Development and Demonstration team member moderates panel on current and future landscape of hydrogen supply chain; SoCalGas’ booth highlights company’s investments in clean fuels and ASPIRE 2045 Sustainability Strategies

SoCalGas kicks off day one of the ACT Expo with Matt Gregori from their Research, Development and Demonstration (RD&D) team moderating a panel that highlights the current evolution of the hydrogen economy, the future expansion of infrastructure to meet growing demand, and how federal incentives are accelerating change in the hydrogen supply chain.

“Discussing the current and future landscape for hydrogen production, distribution, storage, and fueling with other industry leaders helps lend perspective to how the hydrogen economy can accelerate the state’s efforts to reach its decarbonization goals,” says Gregori. “Cooperation and alignment on infrastructure strategy, affordability, and how federal incentives and policies encourage those efforts will all play an important role in shaping the hydrogen economy of tomorrow, which is fast approaching.”

SoCalGas’ booth at the ACT Expo will highlight the potential of the company’s proposed Angeles Link, which could be one of the nation’s largest clean renewable hydrogen energy infrastructure systems produced from 100% renewable energy, potentially driving deep decarbonization of heavy-duty transportation, dispatchable electric generation, industrial processes, and other hard-to-electrify sectors of the Southern California economy.

Other initiatives that are bringing the company closer to its ASPIRE 2045 vision will be on display, including a progress update on the company’s aim to operate a 100% zero-emissions fleet by 2035. As of the end of 2022, SoCalGas has already converted 36% of its over the road fleet to alternative fuel vehicles with an interim goal of 50% by 2025. The alternative fuel fleet includes hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, renewable natural gas vehicles, and new this month, SoCalGas’ first electric vans. To facilitate the switch to a zero emissions fleet, SoCalGas is also installing 1,500 electric vehicle chargers at 67 of our facilities with hopes of adding hydrogen fueling stations in the future.

In partnership with Horizon Educational, SoCalGas also demonstrates the potential of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles through an onsite remote controlled hydrogen fuel cell truck, powered by an onsite hydrogen fueling station. The company also sponsors Horizon Education’s Hydrogen Grand Prix (H2GP), an initiative that challenges students to design, engineer, construct, and race 1:10 scale hydrogen-powered cars. SoCalGas sponsors 10 teams made up of 50 students from 5 schools in the Los Angeles Area, and each year the best teams from over 20 countries compete in the annual Horizon Hydrogen Grand Prix World Final.

“During this process, students learn advanced science and engineering skills, in addition to picking up real-world problem-solving, teamwork, and project management abilities,” says Max Accordino, Head of Business Development at Horizon Educational. “With SoCalGas’ support, STEM education programs like these are helping to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers who will be creating innovative solutions to the challenges of tomorrow.”

The SoCalGas booth also features how its ASPIRE 2045 sustainability strategies are creating a positive impact on our communities by: advancing a diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture; increasing clean energy access and affordability; and accelerating the transition to a decarbonized energy future while achieving world-class safety.

The company’s RD&D department is working to advance innovative technologies to enable more clean fuels and reimagine the role SoCalGas’ vast infrastructure could play to support hydrogen and carbon management solutions to reach a decarbonized future. Between innovation within the company’s fleet to demonstrating how fuel cells can power neighborhoods of the future with the Hydrogen Innovation Experience, SoCalGas' mission is to build the cleanest, safest and most innovative energy infrastructure company in America.